Ambulance Service

DIAL 911 in an Emergency

The Ambulance Service currently operates two ambulances staffed with certified Paramedics, AEMTs, and EMTs. Each truck is assigned two staff capable of providing advanced life support emergency medicine. The two ambulances run more than # emergency 911 calls per year, transporting to local hospitals and trauma centers in the area.

Enosburgh Ambulance Service Subscription Program

As we all know, an unexpected ambulance trip to the hospital can be expensive. Transports necessary due to an illness or accident can easily turn into a $1000.00 bill. A typical "Basic Life Support" ambulance trip could cost around $1050.00. Not all insurance companies cover these services at 100%.  The Enosburgh Ambulance Service is proud to still offer a Subscription Program to cover these unexpected expenses (many towns no longer offer service). The program covers all family members living at the physical address you provide.

In the event a member of your household requires an ambulance transport, Enosburgh Ambulance Service will bill your insurance carrier. We will also absorb any portion of the costs not reimbursed by your insurance carrier. The subscription drive runs from July 1st to June 31st.

Call our office at 933-2118 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. We will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

  • Pierre Letourneau - Head of Service

  • Jon Kalb-Paramedic

  • Kelly Cota - Paramedic / Infection Control Officer

  • Dale Pigeon - AEMT

  • Pam Scott - AEMT

  • Josh Ramsdell - AEMT 

  • Richard Page - AEMT

  • Alex Goddard - AEMT

  • Andrew Dunsmore - AEMT

  • Leyla Bouti - EMT

  • Samuel Hayford - EMT / Media Relations

  • Ken Pigeon - EMT

  • Pat Trudo - EMT

  • Michael Wright - EMT

  • Gregory Lamoureux - EMT

  • Cassie Bourdreau - EMT

  • Dylan Wright - VEMR

  • Frank Adams - VEMR

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