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Fire Department

DIAL 911 in an Emergency

The Enosburgh Fire Department is a volunteer department located at 83 Sampsonville Rd.  Besides being a "fire department" we also perform search and rescue, vehicle extrication, and provide medical assistance for the Enosburgh Ambulance Service. We also visit our local schools for fire prevention activities, host school groups at the fire station for visit and learn activities. The department additionally provides response and support for neighboring communities. 

The department holds 3 training evenings per month with the 4th as a vehicle maintenance/equipment meeting.  In-house instruction is mostly used with a combination of hands-on and PowerPoint, these classes are prepared using IFSTA Essentials materials or the International Association of Fire Chiefs Skills and Drills. The department also participates in the regional fire school held yearly by the Franklin /Lamoille County Mutual Aid Association.

As a department, we adhere to the strictest levels of safety and meet all current Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) standards. 

fire trucks

Mark LaRose - Fire Chief
David Kennison - 1st Asst. Chief
Joey Clark - 2ns Asst. Chief
Michael Wright - Captain

Frank Adams - Captain

Greg Lamourex - Lieutenant
Terry Wright - Honorary Chief
Patrick Flower - Firefighter
Dereck Marble - Firefighter
Robert Gleason Jr. - Firefighter

Peter Bosley - Firefighter

Kenyon Deso- Firefighter

Mark Duso- Firefighter

Norman Ovitt- Firefighter

Larry Ovitt - Firefighter

Dylan Ovitt - Firefighter

Tom Shover - Firefighter                  

Cody Kennison - Firefighter

Jim Hull - Firefighter

David Meunier - Firefighter

Kimi Rappeno - Firefighter

Josh Randall - Firefighter

Dylan Wright - Firefighter

Eli Gabuzda - Admin

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