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​Surrounded by mountains, rivers, and trails, Enosburgh blends small-town Vermont charm and endless recreation opportunities. Named for Roger Enos, who had been a commander of Vermont Forces in the American Revolution.


Curiously the spelling of Enosburgh differs from the spelling of Enosburg Falls.

Despite recent residential development, Enosburgh remains a largely agricultural town with great expanses of open farmland. The village features a quintessential Vermont Main Street, ending near the Bridge of Flowers and Light over the Missisquoi River.

Enosburgh is located at the junction of two Vermont State Highways, VT 105 and VT 108.  Only 19 miles to I-89, Montréal, Burlington, Montpelier, and Southern New Hampshire is easily accessible.

Burlington, Plattsburgh, and Montréal international airports are all within 1.5 hours.​

enosburgh map.png
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